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ohmofit malaysia - #1 Meal replacement Malaysia - Convenient On-the-Go Meal Replacement with full balance nutrient


It all started with our lovely founder from the community of Multicare Resource, Kent and his love-hate relationship with most protein shakes on the market. He was not able to find good-tasting protein shakes that are convenient for the busy lifestyle that he had as a multiple business owner. 

With OHMOFIT – We created Convenient Packaging for people that would like to consume on the go without bringing their prepacked shaker with protein powders.

In addition, most of the protein comes with artificial tasting protein shakes & not all are plants-base protein shakes.

That triggered the idea: Why don’t we flavor our protein drinks with real chocolate with authentic cocoa beans, soy-based and grains?

And the rest is history…

Healthy & Tasty – Vegan-Friendly

Our chocolate protein shake comes with a real chocolate taste made from high-quality cocoa beans.

On top of that, come with 18 types of multigrain that provide your daily nutrition needs while still tasty enough to consume!

High In Protein!

Our soy-based protein shake comes with the highest amount of protein in the market which around,

50.1g protien per 100g serving.

Suitable for your active and busy lifestyles.

Benefits of OHMOFIT Soy Protein Drinks

1. Anti-Aging Properties

2. Weight Loss

3. Increase Metabolism

4. Get You Full for 4 Hours +

5. Prevent Constipation

6. Lower Your Cholesterol with Soy Protein

7. Prevent a lot of diseases and maintain a healthy diet starting from RM12.5 per meal with OHMOFIT